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Wednesday, December 01, 2010
OMFGGGGGGGG! i cannot belive it! my last post was june? july? 2009!!! and now its officially DECEMBER 2010! haha! where the heck has the time gone! HAPPY DECEMBER! woohoo approx 2 yrs till the world dies so get off your ass and do something impt with your life!!!!! HAHA. kidin!

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1:55 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Since everyone says that nowadays education and knowledge are oh so important, this post contains 3 of the most important things u have to know....SO READ IT!!!!!mwahahahahha.

1)KFC-stands for "Kuching(cat) Food Court NOT Kentacki Fried next time u go there, remember that u are eating cat food.

2) Dancing with a piece of tissue paper in public WILL make people think your crazy.....

3) All cows are secretly goats disguised as cows. (or not) no longer shall u be fooled by their 'mooing'!

i hope u have become smarter after reading this knowledge filled post.

till the next time,


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9:29 PM

Finally an update!



hi! omg its been such a long time since my last post!! hahahaha. but now theres FINALLY AN UPDATE!!!
stuff that has been going on:
on may something- me, putri, farisah and syahirah went to watch the uninvited!!! it was a really really good movie. it had the perfect amount of horror and mystery. the people who sat behind us in the theater were damn noisy before the movie started so my friends and i felt damn annoyed and sad b4 the mvie started coz we thot they were going to disturbe us but turns out it was damn fun to sit in front of them coz at the parts when the girl was running away from the ghost and etc, they were cheering for her and we joined along too lol.
on 16 june- it was my moms bday so me and her went out to go see the hannah montana movie!! woohooo!!!(it was obviousely my idea to watch it) but the movie was very nice and funny and we both enjoyed it! after that we went to eat at the crystal jade kitchen and the food there is damn yummy!!!

yesterday- Baking!!!! it turned out damn nice! anyone want a piece of carrot cake?!
OK so thats whats been going on....dont forget to look at the pics and tag!!!!

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8:54 PM

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Syahirah asked me to update my blog so here is my next post......
Finish!!!! btw that is a pic of syahirah........

and this is just gay...

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1:07 AM

Saturday, May 09, 2009

OMG!!! EXAMS!EXAMS!EXAMS!!!!!!!! hate it sia!!!!!! OH! Gravity! why cant i seem to keep it together? HAIZ nevermind lah only 4 more days left!!! i will survive!!!! hahahahahaa. but i think that in order for me to survive, i need some DISCO!!!!!!!!!!::::::::::::::::

Ooh, yeah... In the words Can you feel my love? Everyone's lost in Disco time, Ooh yeah... Like you're flying Through the night In your disco light Walking down The steet at night The whole world Just comes alight, Ooh yeah... Moving through the air And you have no cares.

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

2:24 AM

elloello!!!! OH MY GOODNESS I JUST TOOK SUCH A COOL QUIZ OK?? its called what does your bday say about you and i think that the results cannot be more accurate!!!!! here it isStubborn and hard-hearted. Ambitious and serious. Loves to teach and be taught. Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses. Likes to criticize. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. Sensitive and has deep thoughts. Knows how to make others happy. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Rather reserved. Highly attentive. Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds. Romantic but has difficulties expressing love. Loves children. Loyal. Has great social abilities yet easily jealous. Very Stubborn and money cautious.


"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

2:20 AM

Thursday, April 02, 2009
AaPpRrIiLl FfOoOoLs DdAaY!!!!!!
Happy April Fools! (i know i am one day late) i hope you have played alot of pranks!!!! u know i have not even pranked anyone?!!! so retarded rite? well i didnt try and was very busy coz of Book and Music Week which is this thing in my school where for three days we have absolutely no lessons and have stuff like basking and concerts instead!! fun right!!! but i wish it was really one week insted on three days- maybe they should just call it BMW THREE DAYS insread...anyways, i was backstage crew and got lots and lots of cip and a pretty flower!!! yay!!! and btw helping out backsage is seriously veryvery fun...i am so sad it has ended and lessons are continuing and i have 3 tests on the same day on fri! *cries* lols. but for your info i do not hate life ok?! i know i put it under hates but its also under loves and so life is simply awesome*coughs* hahahahaha. ----------------

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:28 AM

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
omgomgomgomgomg!!!! after i took a really long and relaxing shower, i went to my moms room to like read this book but wen i sat on her bed, i suddenly saw some sort of creepy person outside the door but wen i looked again, it was gone...i thought it was just my imagination but then suddenly the lights switched off and came back on!!! omg i nearly got a heartattack and ran for my lifeO_O!!! ahahaha, yes i know i freak out easily...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:00 PM

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome to the tragic universe that is my sad life...why?- i'll give you 5 major reasons why...
number 1) my parents are from the stoneage.
number 2) my older sisters are mad! their close friends would probably need more therapy than me!(that is if therapy wasnt such bullshit anyways)
number3) My hair is becomming a complete bushfire and my mom dosent let me rebond it! i practically need to go to an ugly home!!!
number4) I am being forced to go to offence to sarawakeans buti dont get y my parents must drag me along! save ur frikkin money ppl!!!!!!
number 5) i have a ton of homework that is due the moment i frikkin get back to school and a ton of group work which probably will never get done coz i am going to sarawak and i am missin an important literature lesson durin the holidays so i will prolly fail and be a looser for the remaining of my not worth living life!
anyways i think its time to lighten the mood with a little song:
I love the mountains I love the rolling hills, I love the fountains, I love the daffodils, I love the fireside, When all the lights are low. Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da, Boom-dee-a-da.

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

7:42 PM

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Valetines Day

hello looser ppl! haha kidin! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! omg i hav a CA exams in one day and here i am sitting and blogging away ...i havent even finished my homework!!! alamak just fail lah lolol. oh and i am also supposed to be at cathegism now! i jus remembered lolx. anyways check out the cute browny cake thingy with my name on it that i got for valentines day...isnt it cool? i like the design of my fathers cake better though..(there is a pic of it on top). oh btw i am using my new laptop right now and it is fabulous!!!! haha so random. anyways i am not going crazy but my life certainly is! bsides the CA, i have a y2y programe which honestly i have no idea what its about but i know it looks damn good on a resume and i get to meet goh chock tong!!! wooohoo!!! haha. ohyeah...i also have to deal with a hyper-acvtive 2week old baby rabbit who is afraid of cabbage, 32 bus service which is driving me INSANE, the sun which i really want to pour water on , the fact that my cell phone and mp3 are the most useless devices on the face of this planet AND I MISSED THE FALL OUT BOY CONCERT!!!! so sad ok?
OMG I WANT TO BITE YOU!!!!!!! haha.
oh and btw there is also a pic of my mum and the PRESIDENT on top! yupyup we know the president-in fact his relatives live right opposite us...not bragging or anything haaha ok i have to go chase the baby rabbit with some cabbage now so bye! HEARTS AND KISSES!!

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

3:38 PM

Sunday, February 01, 2009
HeyHey! omg can you believe its already 1st feb 2009?! i still feel as if its still 2008 haha. Its exactly one week since my last post...srry it took so long(to be honest its not really THAT long) but nothing really has been going on in my life except for school which btw is SUCH a pain...on the bright side, i got a new blog skin and blog song!! woohoo!! lol. anyways i just took a online quiz called 'Are you Ugly, Cute, Pretty, Hot, or Sexy?' and guess wat i am?! - PRETTY!!! omg. i am damn happy right now that i am not ugly hahahahha. this is how they described me -"You have the romance noval or abercrombie model look, you make people melt with your cat like stare yet your still easy to approach and very sweet."
anyways, if you wanna take the quiz go to this website:
the pics on top are from the same website as the quiz so they are not really random.=D

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:35 PM

Saturday, January 24, 2009
a orchid hybirdisation.....

Isnt it wierd that my last post was only posted after sooo long because i was too lazy to post but now i cannot stop posting? haha. anyways theres a reason for this post.=D This post is of my field trip about orchid hybirdisation!!!!! woohooO!!!! if you do not know what that is, worry not because i do not know either..lolx i think its like growing orchids in a lab-check a dictionary to find out lah this is not english time with sasha!!! hahaha. omg i'm crazy now! ahhhhh!!! HAHA Ok Watevers...ayways they like divide you up into grps and each grps go to diff stations at each time where you do things that are related to orchids and hybirdisation which i still do not know the meaning be honest i am not even sure i am spelling hybirdisation right!! haha. i think tht this post would be too boring if i tell you every single thing we did so just look at the pics kay?
PINK PANTS!!!!! can you believe i am sick? haha a few days ago it started with a soar throat but then it became a flu...being sick is not bad lah but soar throats are really annoying; especially if you like to SCREAM like me!! haha. kay bye- i gotta go wash my hair with shampooooooooo

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:31 PM

Hi i am Sasha. God brought me to this perfect world on 1st january. I am in Dramatic Arts society and I Luv Giraffes!!! woohoo!! haha.
Welcome to my blog...
I love Chocolate and Music and LIFE and I hate Betrayers and 32 bus service and LIFE.



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